Oh Hey There!

I am so excited you have decided to check out my website, services, shop and blog!

Champagne and Tequila is a project I started in 2015. I created an Instagram account and a personal blog where I shared the happenings and behind the scenes of my life working in the PR and Marketing industry. What I started to notice was that the more I shared tips and tricks focused on Digital Marketing and Social Media, my following and community started to grow.

Working with a variety of clients in over 20 different industries has really given me a good base of experience to really create and strategize an effective and value packed plan for my clients to find their greatest success in the Social Media world.

I am a mother of two and I started this business as a means of being able to pursue my passions and work one on one with clients on their goals. Creating my own business has allowed me to not only create an effective schedule that works with my lifestyle, but I have learned very quickly that many business owners and entrepreneurs share the same unpredictable day-to day schedules. Accommodation is my middle name- not really it’s Louise! haha

At Champagne and Tequila Digital, the goal is to treat every client and ever campaign with a unique eye and provide your business with all the tools and support it needs to grow, impact and influence potential clients and customers.