Which Social Media Platforms Should You Be On?

Trying to develop a Social Media Strategy can be one of the most daunting tasks if you have no idea where to start. Seriously, there are so many things to think about. There are so many options. In this post I am breaking down the ones that I would choose from!



I always recommend Facebook to the majority of my clients. Even though in the opinion of some “Facebook is dead” I beg to differ. There are so many options to really do well on Facebook. Facebook and Instagram also have integrated features so to me in just makes sense to be active on both. My clients have found great success on their Facebook accounts. Features that make Facebook a valuable part of your strategy are;

👉🏼Facebook Ads

👉🏼Facebook Groups

👉🏼Shop your Facebook




Truth be told, Twitter isn’t my favourite platform because I personally gravitate more to the visual based platforms. With that being said Twitter has some really great features if you choose to include it in your social media strategy.

👉🏼Permanently Pin a Tweet (This can be one of your most engaged upon tweets or a tweet explaining who you are, an event or promotion, etc)

👉🏼Announce Quick news and updates

👉🏼Connect on a world wide scale

👉🏼Share multiple posts without annoying your audience

👉🏼”Live Tweet” events or shows allows you to be looped into popular conversations and connect with like-minded individuals.



Instagram really has a special place in my heart. I encourage all of my clients to include Instagram in their social strategy, why? Well, besides it being extremely user friendly the features Instagram offers are amazing compliments to any traditional marketing strategy.

👉🏼Post High Quality Images and Video

👉🏼Go LIVE- This is such a great way to get your followers involved in the behind the scenes or live in the moment actions of your business and even events in your life you are wanting to share.

👉🏼Hashtags – I know for some people Hashtags can be a pain int he bootay but I have always found them super helpful when it comes to getting content noticed or compiling content that i find relevant to a campaign.

👉🏼Stories- I LOVE stories. Instagram stories can be so awesome for showing all of the things that don’t aesthetically “fit” into your feed.

👉🏼Ads- Whether they are in a story or in a feed the ability to advertise on Instagram generally comes across in a less spammy and more organic way.

👉🏼SWIPE UP links- This feature is only for accounts that have 10,000 followers plus. BUT its a super cool feature to link products and links to your website or shops.

👉🏼Shop your Instagram posts. Being able to now directly tag a link to the item in your post is such an awesome opportunity to have users see something they like and click right to the page to put it in their cart! 🙌🏼 🎉

There are so many amazing features Instagram offers to connect with your target audience!!


Alright, my confession of the day is that I spend the majority of my days watching or listening to youtube videos and tutorials. Every business in some way can utilize Youtube to educate their clients/customers. Youtube does require someone to film, edit videos so if this seems like a lot at first, you can always add it into your plan later!


One thing I have learned about Pinterest is that it is a lot of work. Another thing I have learned is that, if you do it right Pinterest can bring you SO MUCH TRAFFIC. Seriously. If you are like me, you can easily get lost spending countless hours searching, scrolling and pinning decor ideas, life hacks and finding new recipes you are just dying to try. With the average Pin being repinned 11 times and can live actively for over 3.5 months (according to Hootsuite) thats a PRETTY long time for your content to not only stay relevant but get noticed.

Reasons I love Pinterest for my clients are;

👉🏼Creating Boards based on colours or “moods” is a great way to help my clients who have clients show them some inspirational pieces.

👉🏼Click the pin to get to the blog. Something I wish Instagram had was the ability to click an image and go directly to the blog post, article, recipe, gallery, etc

👉🏼Create Private Boards. This is a GREAT way to include your team especially as a designer or event planner. Being able to use Pinterest as an internal collaboration space is so easy and actually enjoyable!



I think sometimes Linkedin tends to get overlooked. For those who haven’t explored the app I find that the general impression is that its “just for finding a job” or “just boring corporate stuff” which couldn’t be farther from the truth. I find LinkedIn to be a very powerful tool for clients to build their business presence for future hiring and awards based opportunities. Yes, I will agree that LinkedIn may be the more “stuffy” of the socials but it is a world that really shouldn’t be over looked. A few ways to round out your LinkedIn company profile are;

  1. Have employees and contractors connect their employment history to your business
  2. Share relevant industry articles
  3. Congratulate and Share exciting news from colleagues and industry insiders.
  4. Make use of the ability to create articles directly on LinkedIn


Alright! There you have my breakdown of what social media platforms I think you should consider including in your business strategy. Are their others that exist? Yes of course their are hundreds! But I personally find value in the time it takes to create content and build a community. When it comes to using Social Media as an extension of your marketing plan, its more about consistency. Therefore, choose one or two- maybe even three platforms and focus on those.

Have more questions on how to choose where to build your presence? Give me a shout!


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