Do you NEED to be on Social Media?

One of the most common questions I get, usually with a tilted head “Do I really NEED to be on Social Media?”

Well, here is my answer.

It really depends on the goals you have for your life, your business and your future. If you are pursing a career where a presence or network is important for sales and client relationships than yes, you are going to want to take advantage of the offerings of social media platforms.

From a personal aspect, Social Media such as Facebook and Instagram are great ways to connect with long distance friends and family, share images, coordinate events and just chat with those you may not see as often- or ever! Pinterest is also a great place to hangout for inspiration, create boards for planning events or just a place to veg out and learn some random ways to clean various appliances in your home or try a new recipe!

From a business aspect, well, Yes- you definitely should be on Social Media. Of course, my opinion may seem bias- but here’s why I think you should.

  1. It’s FREE.
  2. You have access to valuable client data
  3. You can be casual
  4. You get to connect directly with your target demographic

There are literally thousands of businesses and personalities who host their entire business on the social media platforms they are active on. With the ability to shop posts and sell products via drop shipping and amazon or Shopify, it just seems like a missed opportunity if you aren’t doing it.

A major reason I fell in love with helping businesses manage and grow their social media presence was the community building. I am going to talk about this one a lot so know that for me it is very important. The Like, Know, Trust theory and Emotional Response Marketing are some major keys when it comes to creating an effective social media marketing strategy.


Like, Know, Trust

Developing a community is such an important part of growing an authentic engaged and loyal following. Sharing content that your target market cares about and giving them opportunities to learn more about your business will help them understand and connect with you or your team. When people like something they pay more attention and get to know it better therefore trusting recommendations. If you hear about something from a friend you are more likely to act on it then if you just saw an advertisement. This is a community that Champagne and Tequila helps you build. An excited, engaged audience ready to take action.

Emotional Response

Do you know why content goes “viral”? Although there can be a variety of reasons content that evokes some type of emotional response be it joy, sadness, anger. laugher, etc prompts users to take action on the post and comment like or share the post. When you see a post that you know someone who can relate to it I bet the first thing you do is tag them in it. This is how emotional response marketing works in social media.


Social Media Marketing is really something that if you put the time and effort into it the results can be AMAZING. It also doesn’t necessarily mean you need to expose your personal life or put you in a place of discomfort. It really is what you make it.


If you are still on the fence, I would love to know why. Leave me a comment and I would be so happy to continue this conversation and get your perspective!



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