Can You Create High Quality Content WITHOUT the Fancy Equipment?

Scrolling Instagram is how I get my daily cardio. I see thousands upon thousands of images and feeds that are so beautiful, high quality and in some cases the ‘Grammer looks like a straight up super model. Although it may seem like these “perfect aesthetics” are unattainable and require super fancy equipment I can confidently say that they do not. i can also confidently say that 80% of those feeds you are admiring use an iPhone to capture those images. One thing you have to remember about Instgram is that the majority of people seeing your image are looking at it on a tiny phone screen and spending maybe 5-10 seconds looking at it and the comments. With that being said, don’t stress if you are just starting out and not in a position to drop thousands on a high end DSLR- because you don’t need it. Here are the factors to consider when taking pictures for the gram.


The difference that good lighting can make to an image is truly ASTONISHING. Like, you can take a low quality grainy image and turn it into a high quality colour dense image just by taking it in the right lighting.

How to find perfect lighting.

  • Make sure there are no shadows on the subject or models face
  • Make sure you can see all of the details and there isn’t any over exposure
  • Try to take pictures during the day, outside or in natural lighting


What you may not notice you are intrigued by in the image is actually the setting and not the actual person. Consider an interesting background like an event, a painted wall, beautiful flowers or rollings hills. Adding something extra tot he background of an image is a great way to make your followers do a double take.


Think about what you are doing in the picture, or what is happening. Flatlays are cool, but flatlays are only interesting if they include a unique product or a group of items that complement each other and tell a story. This is especially important with food images. Making sure that if you were an objective third party looking at the image you would actually be interested by the post.


Editing is honestly where all of the magic happens. There are so many apps and presets available to take your images to a whole new level. If you are looking to create a cohesive feed that sticks with a specific aesthetic editing using the same filter or preset can make that possible.

Since you can also play with light and colour, generally as long as you are working with an image including good lighting, you can slap on a filter, tweak a few of the aspects and there you have it!


What about video?

All of the tips for images can be applied to video. Now a days the phones be it iPhone, Android, whatever all have incredibly high recording abilities. There are movies shown in theatres shot in the same 4k format that your iPhone is able to shoot in. If you have good lighting, an interesting setting great context and you can work some basic editing software- you  are good to go!


What about audio?

Now, recording audio may be a little different however, don’t go spending your pennies on expensive mics if you don’t need to. I have always found that the Mic on the apple headphones, in a quite space can capture some excellent voice recordings. My best advice for starting out with audio is to just make sure that you are recording clearly and at a volume that can be managed. Nothing is worse than annoying background sound or distorted audio. Remember that you can always edit and chop up audio, so don’t be afraid to do a few takes to get the vibe you are going for.


SEE I told you. You can totally get started without going broke! When it comes to creating content for your clients or your own business invest as you grow.

Do you use high end equipment to create your content? Leave me a comment and let’s discuss!



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